Looking to Buy an Embroidery Machine?

Looking to Buy an Embroidery Machine?

TheEmbroideryWarehouse is your One-Stop-Shop for commercial embroidery equipment.

TheEmbroideryWarehouse buys and sells embroidery equipment. We sell used and new embroidery machines.

We only sell the most popular makes and models such as Tajima, Barudan, Brother, Butterfly, Toyota, SWF, and Melco.

At TheEmbroideryWarehouse, we sell both multi heads and single heads. We buy and sell machines from the year 1990 to 2016!

Used Commercial Embroidery Machines

We do not buy and sell known bad models of those makes unless it’s for parts. Therefore, the used commercial embroidery machines we sell are only the best of the best. At TheEmbroideryWarehouse, we refurbish our machines and add a warranty. Our warranty also includes an electronics warranty, supported by PLR ELectronics. We upgrade our equipment with new electronics such as USB readers and wireless transfer devices. Our used machines are embroidered in our warehouse with both the cap system and the tubular system, when applicable, until we are satisfied with our products. Please Contact US if you are looking to Buy an Embroidery Machine.

New Commercial Embroidery Machines

If you are looking to buy a new embroidery machine, we represent the Butterfly Embroidery Machine. The Butterfly is one of the higher end quality embroidery machines very, economically priced. The Butterfly comes with a long warranty and high end support and service.