What makes an embroidery machine a Module Embroidery Machine?

Are some embroidery machines ‘Modular’ and other not? Can you ‘link’ or ‘network’ some embroidery machines but not others? How about ‘unlinking’ machines to resell them? Is that possible?

What makes a machine Modular?

What makes a machine modular and other not? In reality most ALL commercial embroidery machines are modular.

When you purchase one brand, lets say Tajima, it is very easy to add as many additional Tajima machines as you like to your fleet. ‘Adding’ a head is just as easy as purchasing the next machine. The new Tajima can share all the same designs (perhaps with some simple design conversions) as the others and you can purchase as many configurations of Tajimas as you wish. Some machines can be working on one job will others can be working on other jobs. Some machines can be configured to do caps while others configured to do shirt work. “Linking” the machines is as easy as using a sharing device such as the USB to WIFI Transfer Stick. All Tajima machines are considered “modular” as they operate independently of any other software or operating system. When you want to add a new machine or new heads, you just buy them and add them. When you have too many machines, they can be sold and operated independently, without the need to purchase additional operating systems.

Linking or Networking

Because most all embroidery machines are Modular, it is very easy to Link or Network one machine to another. Not only can you usually link one Tajima to another one, for example, but you can also easily link or network a Tajima to other brands (perhaps with some simple design conversions) such as Barudan, SWF or most any other embroidery machine with USB capabilities. This is done using devices such as the USB to WIFI Transfer Stick and file sharing. So if you have a warehouse full of SWF machines all networked together and you decide to add another brand such as Tajima, or Barudan or ZSK for example, this can easily be done. It is very easy to “add heads” even when the brands are not the same. It is recommended however, to see if you existing hardware such as hoops are interchangeable between models and brands.

What is a machines Operating System?

Most all machines have a built in control panel that includes all of its Operating Systems (OS). These machines can run independently of any toggled computer software system that must be purchased separately. A few brands however, require additional computer hardware. Additional hardware such as a computer that must be purchased separately, including the machines operating software, also sold separately. These machines that required the additional computers and OS, are usually inoperable without them. Most of these machines, can also share these same systems so you only need one of them to run many machines. However should you decide to liquidate machines, each one will need a separate software system to run on their or. For example, if you have 5 of these machines that require the OS and you want to sell 2 of them to 2 different individuals, then 2 different OS and computers will be required just for those 2 machines plus the original software to run 3 machines kept in inventory. Most all brands we sell, short of the Melcos, have their own OS. We can supply the OS when needed, when we are selling the Melcos. Keep in mind however, that all other brands we sell are completely independently and do not require additional hardware and software.

Unlinking a machine

You might ‘unlink’ a machine if it is tied to your network of other machines. As most all embroidery machines run independently, without a separate Operating System, it is generally very easy to unlink a machine. When you unlink a machine, you take it off the network. If the machine does have its own Operating System, like most all machines do, then you can easily just run it independently or, add it to another existing network.

Are TheEmbroideryWarehouse’s embroidery machines Modular?

ALL of the equipment sold by TheEmbroideryWarehouse are Modular systems that can easily be integrated or linked into any other system or brands using the USB to WIFI Transfer Stick. If you would like to “add head” or add more machines to your network, we can easily accommodate you even if you are adding mixed brands.