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At The Embroidery Warehouse

At The Embroidery Warehouse, we love to see our customers explore our embroidery machines with enthusiasm and curiosity. Each visit to our store is an opportunity to meet people passionate about the art of embroidery and to help them find the perfect machine for their projects. These images capture some of those special moments, where our customers enjoy a unique and personalized experience as they discover the incredible possibilities offered by our machines. We look forward to seeing you at our store!

What Our Client Say?

I bought a CEO package from The embroidery Warehouse in January, I recived crash course from our technician Michael. It took me a couple of day to learn but now i feel like an expert. Thanks Mike !
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Thanks John and Teresa!
I don´t have a butterfly but i am a technician for many brands, including Chinese ones. I definitely recommend the Butterfly to my clients over any other brand. This is a quality built machine.
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The advantages of visiting The Embroidery Warehouse

Hands-on experience:

Visitors have the opportunity to see and test embroidery machines in person, allowing them to assess their quality and performance before making a purchase decision.

Personalized guidance:

Our expert team is available to provide personalized advice and answer all customer questions, helping them make informed decisions about which machine best suits their needs.

Wide selection:

Visitors can explore our wide range of embroidery machines and accessories in one place, making it easy to compare options and make decisions.

Live demonstrations:

We offer live demonstrations of our embroidery machines, allowing visitors to see how the machines work in action and better understand their features and capabilities.

After-sales support:

After purchase, visitors can rely on our after-sales support team for technical assistance, additional training, and any other help they may need to get the most out of their embroidery machine.

We have the perfect embroidery machine waiting for you.

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