ButterFly Standard Package.
Standard Package 
Butterfly B-1501/T – Single Head, 15 Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine
With the Standard Package you will be embroidering on your own commercial embroidery machine with hands-on training at our location at Fort Worth, Texas.
This is an All Inclusive package and comes with everything you need to start embroidering the day your machine arrives at your location.

The Standard Special is our most fully equipped single head embroidery machine package that we have to offer.

Economically Priced but fully loaded.

Butterfly B-1501/T – Single Head15 Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine

5 Year Limited Warranty!

Butterfly B-1501/T – Standard Special
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About the brand

Butterfly’ is a worldwide commercial embroidery machine brand. Butterfly started making household sewing machines since 1919 and began production of commercial embroidery machines in 1990. Since its inception, Butterfly has provided its customers with products of the highest quality at the most economical price possible. We also provide superb after sales service and support which has helped us enjoy our strong worldwide reputation. Butterfly embroidery machines come in 1 – 20 heads with the single heads embroidery machines being the biggest seller in the USA.

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About our company

The Butterfly line is distributed by TheEmbroideryWarehouse, Inc. located in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

TheEmbroideryWarehouse has been a strong player in the embroidery industry for nearly 2 decades (almost 20 years). In the A decade, TheEmbroideryWarehouse has primarily focused on the sales of used refurbished embroidery machines which have provided them with a very strong backbone on the embroidery industry with experience on all types of makes, models and years.

TheEmbroideryWarehouse has also partnered with PLR Electronics, a company that specializes in embroidery machine circuit board and electronic repairs and upgrades. This has given them an edge in the embroidery machine equipment sales with the electronics support that PLR offers us, that no other competitor in the industry can truly provide.