Used Inventory

Get high-quality machines from other brands at affordable prices in our used inventory at The Embroidery Warehouse.

All Used Embroidery Equipment

We specializes in the reselling of used Tajima, SWF, Barudan, Toyota, Melco among others commercial and industrial embroidery machines.

Used Embroidery Equipment

We sell just about every make and model of new and used commercial embroidery machines.

1 Head

A one-head embroidery machine is a beginner-friendly machine that is perfect for personal use or small projects.

2 Heads

A two-head embroidery machine allows for increased productivity and efficiency by having two heads working simultaneously.

4 Heads

A four-head embroidery machine is a great option for small businesses or those looking to increase production.

6 Heads

A six-head embroidery machine is a step up in terms of capability and is suitable for medium-sized businesses.

12 Heads

A twelve-head embroidery machine is a high-performance machine that is ideal for large-scale projects and professional use.

15 Heads

A fifteen-head embroidery machine is the most advanced option, with the highest level of capability and speed, catering to the needs of large textile companies.