Embroidery Machine Starter Kit

The Embroidery Machine Starter Kit is sold per head. So, if you purchase a 1 head machine with a starter kit, you will get ONE starter kit. If you purchase a 15 head embroidery machine, you will receive 15 starter kits, one per head.


ONE starter kit includes 15 colors of high quality Robinson Anton threads. Its highly recommend to use only quality, fresh threads. Old or low quality embroidery thread will make even the world’s best tuned machines, run poorly. We use QUALITY! If you do not use QUALITY, your final product will not be QUALITY.


Backings are the foundation of embroidery work. The backing (also known as Stabilizer) is what helps stabilize the embroidery garment and helps the thread hold onto the bobbin, without destroying or wrinkling the embroidered fabric. Almost every piece of embroidery work will require backing. Backing comes in tear-a-way or cut-a-way. Tear away is easy to remove by just tearing but, might not be strong enough on applications where cut-a-way is better.


Our starter kit also comes with Solvy. Solvy is a wash-a-way type of backing, used on the TOP of embroidery garments. Solvy looks like a piece of plastic or cellophane and washes away with water or in the washing machine.

Solvy will add volume to the top of the embroidery. It will keep embroidery from falling into the embroidery machine fabric, like on pique (polo type) shirts.

Solvy comes in square pieces. Once embroidery is done, simply tear off excess solvy and wash or spray the garment with cool water to wash off excess solvy pieces.

Bobbins and Bobbin Cases

Bobbins usually last about 30,000 stitches. Our start kit comes with enough bobbins to get you going!

Like tires on a truck, Bobbin Cases are consumables that should be replaced over time. We include extras for whne you will need them.


Needles become dull over time and sometimes will break. We include plenty in our starter kit for when they do need to be replaced.