What makes us so much better?

Its a lot of what you don’t see that counts!

We have been selling Butterfly Embroidery Machines for a long time. A lot of whats best about it , you might not get a chance to see! We are proud to know that we invest a bit more in the parts and internals of our equipment, making it a bit better. We want to sell you a machine that has the potential to last through generations when taken care of. We use very high quality parts which mean usually more expenses on our end. However, we do not pass these costs on to our customers, keeping the end product within reasonable reach. Expect to get a long use out of your Butterfly Embroidery Equipment, backed by our extensive warranty and excellent support staff.

We have been selling Butterfly Embroidery Machines for a long time. This has given us the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the factory perfecting the machine each and every day.

We have an extensive Quality Control Program that is done from the factory and completed at TheEmbroideryWarehouse before shipping out the equipment to the final happy end user. We follow a large list of hundreds of quality control checkpoints that cover parts quality, settings, maintenance, among others.

Butterfly has been around a lot longer than TheEmbroideryWarehouse. We are proud that we have been able to represent them for almost 20 years of their 100 year history.

At TheEmbroideryWarehouse we have been selling the Butterfly for around 20 years and we are very proud to know many of the first machines we sold are still being used daily! Butterfly Embroidery Equipment – Since 1919!!! Expect to get long use out of your machine when it is taken care of.

Like most things in life, Butterfly is always evolving. Each model comes in even better and more impressive than the previous ones. We are very happy

The WOW factor given by technicians familiar with other equipment, always tickles us when they first see Butterfly. This, among customer satisfaction, has always told us we have been going in the right direction and will continue to do so.