Will parts be available in the future for my used embroidery machine purchased from TheEmbroideryWarehouse?


At TheEmbroideryWarehouse we sell used refurbished embroidery machines complete with a 1 year support and warranty package. When refurbishing our machines, we replace the parts that need to be replaced and upgrade those that can be upgraded.

We don’t sell machines we can’t warranty.

Our Guarantee

5-10+ year parts coverage

We offer a 1 year support and warranty package standard with our machines (unless otherwise noted). If you feel that a 1 year guarantee is not enough, we offer a 5-10 year parts coverage plan.

What does the 5-10 years parts plan cover? The plan includes an estimate of 5-10 years worth of parts that you might need over the next 5-10 years life of your machine. This is a handpicked selection of parts that might go out or need/recommend to be replaced in the future. These handpicked parts are selected by our technicians and then sent to you to keep in your own inventory. Having these parts on hand, will guarantee that your machine will have all its parts needed in the future and that you won’t have to find them in the future or, run into a situation where the parts cannot be found. We also offer support for electronic repairs. Please contact for pricing on our 5-10 year plans as they will differ machine to machine. We can pick the parts to your budget if needed.