Commercial Embroidery Machine Reviews

What is the Best Commercial Embroidery Machine on the market for you?

What is the Best Commercial Embroidery Machine on the market for you?

Determining what is the best commercial embroidery machine to choose for your embroidery company can be considered equivalent to choosing your next smart phone, car, or computer. It can be a tough decision and only harder without at least a little research. We hope this quick article will give you what we know is an honest, and maybe biased (in your favor) decision towards “The Right Machine”. We have reviewed our favorite manufactures of machines below and offer a brief history on some machines.

Barudan Embroidery Machines

Barudan Commercial Embroidery Equipment have been a leading manufacture of solid embroidery machines across the globe. Barudan has always been a well respected and innovative embroidery machine manufacture. Barudan has been around for as long as commercial embroidery machines have been around and has always had a good loyal following, including technicians, owners, and operators. In some countries, Barudan has dominated the market. In the USA and most of the world, Barudan shares the largest market share along with Tajima.

If your embroidery business is in the USA then Barudan is going to be the first or second most popular choice of commercial embroidery machines that your competitors will likely be using. Barudan machines are probably going to be a bit less expensive than Tajima. However, expect to spend a bit more on these machines than some of the other machines that came later in the history of commercial embroidery machines.

How would a Barudan Embroidery Machine fit into your business plan?

For more information take a look at our used Barudan embroidery inventory

Butterfly Embroidery Machines

Although the Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machine brand has only been around in the United States since around 2010, the manufacture has been manufacturing their commercial brand since 1990. The Butterfly machine is one of the most economically priced embroidery machines on the market. Butterfly is a good choice for a startup embroidery business based on its low costs to get you into the embroidery business. Butterfly models the bigger name embroidery machine makes, in the way that the machine has mechanically been designed. The Butterfly control panels are unique and offer many features that many competitors do not offer.

Should you buy a Butterfly embroidery machine? Even if you are familiar with the bigger names, Butterfly might be for you. If your business plan does allow for you to spend more money on a machine, then you might want to consider one of the more expensive makes of embroidery machines. More expensive machines will hold a higher resell value and might have more users familiar with them but, that might not be part of your business plan or your budget.

For more information take a look at our New Butterfly embroidery inventory

Melco Embroidery Machines

Melco is a commercial embroidery machine brand that is a branch of a European based textile equipment manufacturing company. Their parent company has lend a lot of technology and expertise to the company over the many years they have been in business. Many Melco embroidery machine have also been made in the USA. At one time, Melco had a larger market share than any other commercial embroidery machine company in the USA. Melco opened the doors to the compact industrial embroidery machine and what is today commonly know as the portable single head. Melco has also made quality and well loved multi-heads over the years too but has now strictly stuck to only manufacturing single heads. Some very old models of Melco can be seen still generating (a little) money almost 30 years later.

Melco machines are going to be one of the least expensive machines to get into used. They are ideal for sample or small item machines and you can still trust a well taken care of Melco machine. Although odd parts are not quickly available, Melco still has more used parts machines available at next to nothing. Melco machines will continue to be around for a long time.

For more information take a look at our used Melco embroidery inventory

SWF Embroidery Machines

SWF Embroidery Machines are from Korea. They have been in the USA since around 1999. SWF is a more economical machine than the Japanese machines but, more expensive and higher quality than the Chinese embroidery machines. The SWF brand is a good “middle of the line” machine. Since the brand has been around for almost 20 years, it has proven to be a good choice of embroidery machines.

Stay away from SWF “split” models that have one control panel running what looks like is 2 machines. Because each end of the machine operators independently, the vibrations and such can cause a higher level of thread and needle breaks

The lower costs of the SWF and its proven track record, makes it a good choice for startups or, most any type of embroidery business

For more information take a look at our used SWF embroidery inventory

Tajima Embroidery Machines

Tajima embroidery machines are one of the most popular commercial embroidery machines in the world. Technical support and parts are usually easy to find. Most operators who have had a lot of experience in the embroidery business, have had experience with Tajima equipment. Most of the worlds manufactures of embroidery machines use Tajima as a model for their own embroidery machines. The mechanics behind the Tajima embroidery machines are fairly basic yet, usually the most advanced in the embroidery industry.

Tajima Embroidery Machines are usually the most expensive equipment on the market, both new and used. Used equipment is in high demand and sometimes hard to find.

Is a Tajima commercial embroidery machine for you? Does the generally higher priced Tajima machine fit your budget? Or would a less expensive brand, perhaps with more needles or heads suit your embroidery business better?

For more information take a look at our used Tajima embroidery inventory

Toyota Embroidery Machines

Toyota Embroidery Machines were made by AISIN out of Japan. AISIN is a leading supplier to Toyota Motors suppling them parts for their cars, such as transmissions. Toyota only made single head embroidery machines. Around the year 2005 the Toyota embroidery machine line was bought out by Tajima. The last model of the Toyota, the Toyota 9000 was merged with the Tajima single heads to create the Tajima NEO embroidery machines. Toyota has since not produced any more commercial embroidery machines.

Toyota Embroidery Machines are just as solid as the cars but, with a lot less parts. A well taken care of Toyota machine will last forever. Toyota machines are a very smooth running single head on the market and most owners swear they are the best single heads you can find. The machines are small and can fit on work bench without much vibration at all. They are the perfect machines for traveling or for small areas such as kiosks. The Toyota embroidery machines are found in hobbyist bedrooms or in heavy industrial settings. The machines are perfect for samples or perfect for full time commercial work.

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Should you buy a Used or New Embroidery Machine?

Used commercial embroidery machines are generally thousands of dollars less than new commercial embroidery machines. Adding or starting with a used embroidery machine might be the right option for you. Used machines from a respectable company such as TheEmbroideryWarehouse generally come with warranty and will produce just as much embroidery, and profit, as a new machine.

For more information see how a used machine can be ideal for a startup or, see our inventory of used embroidery equipment

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