[:en]Commercial Embroidery Machines for Small Businesses!

Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

The Butterfly single head commercial embroidery machines come with 15 needles. Each need can accommodate a different color spool of thread. They are compact and high speed.

B-1501B/T – Single Head, 15-Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine

A compact, tabletop single head commercial embroidery machine. This machine includes 15 needles, laser trace, full color touch display, USB / WiFi input, and much more. We offer fully loaded packages with Starter Kits, Digitizing Software, Delivered and Training.  The machine also includes embroidery machine hoops and everything else needed to get start embroidering.  The machine is compact, portable and very easy to use. The high speed, and high quality translates to quality embroidery and production.

The Butterfly single head embroidery machine will embroider on most everything you see with embroidery.

With the machine having 15 needles you will be able to embroider most all logos without changing the thread spools.

The single head machines are equipped with a Monogramming and Lettering touch display. Having this lettering feature puts the machine ahead of the competition.  This machine is very affordable and can pay for itself easily.

Butterfly Embroidery Machine Packages

The Butterfly line of Commercial Embroidery Machines Packages, for various budgets, needs, and target embroidery output.

Some of our packages are more training and support intensive where some of our packages are streamline packages targeted to customers looking for more economical prices. Some of our packages come with different types of quantities of accessories depending on who the package is targeted to. Regardless of your needs or budgets, we have the package for you. We also offer financing for all our packages.

We sell single heads, multi package single heads (such as the dual, tri, and quad heads), and multi head commercial embroidery machines.


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