Upgrade from a 1 Needle Embroidery Machine

How would you like a large sewing area, full color touch monogramming display, a cap system, and 15 colors?

Consider the Butterfly Single Head

Its a 15 needle commercial embroidery machine, with a complete cap system, shirt system, jacket system, flat system.  Everything you need and everything you dreamed of.  Imagine a full color lettering touch screen combined with a large sewing area. No more re-hooping!

The machine can be converted to embroider either shirts, caps, flat goods.

The 15 needle Butterfly 1501 is a full size commercial machine. However, it is still portable and easy to use.

We offer several different single head packages, each at different prices.

Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine Packages

CEO Package

Cap Cruncher Package

Standard Package

Essential Package

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