Looking for a 6 head Embroidery Machine?

Are you Looking for a 6 head Commercial Embroidery Machine?

TheEmbroideryWarehouse sells multihead embroidery machines

Our current inventory of 6 heads can generally be found at – 6 Head Inventory. However, our inventory changes very often. Please Contact US for an updated inventory list. A lot of machines are in too high demand to list and we sell them before we can list them. We have waiting lists for some models. Please, Contact Us.

TheEmbroideryWarehouse sells both New and Used 6 head Embroidery Machines. They come with warranty, USB and Wireless upgrades, software and generally always include a cap and tubular system. For more info, please read the entry on what our embroidery machines come with.

What is a 6 head

A common question is, what is a 6 head embroidery machine? A 6 head embroidery machine is a commercial embroidery machine with 6 “stations” where each station is an embroidery head where you can do 1 embroidery item. So a 6 head embroidery machine can do 6 items at a time. However, each item will identical and you cannot generally mix cap and shirt or “tubular” embroidery. You can only do one or the other at a time but, producing 6 items each run.

New and Used

TheEmbroideryWarehouse sells NEW 6 head ButterFly Commercial Embroidery Machines. Butterfly is a brand since 1919. It comes with an extended warranty. The machine is surprisingly quiet and runs great.

We also sell USED 6 head embroidery machines. We mainly sell Tajimas, Barudans, SWF.